Van Rentals



Van rentals: the best way to expand your business!

If you are starting a small business or want to expand your coverage area, then know that van leasing is the best option.

When you buy a van, you are 100% responsible for its maintenance and any costs incurred by it. These costs may represent the immobilization of working capital that, at this moment, could be being invested in other strategies to expand your business. So, a good way to continue investing in your company and still have a van at your disposal is to rent it.

Rent only when you need

The van will be at your disposal only when you need it!

Just imagine the following situation: you buy a van and, within the next few weeks, realize that you don’t need it that much. In this scenario, you would have to worry about selling it at a lower price than you bought it, or just stick with it, using it only occasionally.

So instead of investing so much in a service vehicle right off the bat, do some testing through our van rental program. So, if you realize that this doesn’t work so well in your business model, just return it without any problems.

3 reasons why Zeeba is the best option for your company:

  1. We are experts at serving businesses like yours! We serve many businesses of different sizes, so we are ready to understand your needs. We are ready to understand which rental options work best for you.
  2. We have the main van models available! You will be able to choose the model that you like the most and that best meets the type of service that is provided in your company. These models support different passenger capacities and can provide different experiences as well.
  3. It’s easy to communicate with us! Our service is very fast and optimized, that is: you will not have to wait long for our return.



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