Electric Van Rentals


Electric Van Rentals

Another step forward for your business!

Especially for those who already use vans in their business model, electric vans can be a great way to innovate. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular and, for large companies, this will soon be indispensable!

So, if you want to adapt your company to a more sustainable business model, start migrating to electric vans!

Buying an electric van can be quite expensive, and for those who depend on a lot of them, this might not be the wisest decision. So, if you want to have the best model of vans at your disposal without compromising your company’s working capital, rent with us!

Why not buy an electric van?

Maintaining an electric van can cost twice as much as maintaining a fuel van. When we think about it on a large scale, we understand the size of the damage that buying multiple vans can do to your business.

But, when your van is rented, all responsibility behind its upkeep rests with the rental company. In other words: you don’t have to worry about anything else after the moment of rental, we will do all the hard work for you!

That way you’re free to find new ways to keep improving and expanding your business, while the vans work for you.

3 reasons to rent an electric van

  1. Much more technology! We are talking about newer and updated models, with indispensable accessories and much more comfort.
  2. Less fuel costs. You won’t need to fill it with conventional fuel, if you usually travel long distances, this will make all the difference.
  3. Your business will become much more sustainable. Much of the pollution in big cities is due to the burning of fuel, and when we talk about electric vans, this is no longer a problem.



Why go electric?

What’s in it for your organization?
The reasons for electrifying your fleet grow more compelling every day. EVs and equivalent internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are becoming closer in list price. EV technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. And several new electric work trucks and vans are scheduled to enter the market soon.

Zeeba has adapted to every need we have and provided a brand new fleet of vans!

Takashi Jiro DSP Business Owner

    Lower operational costs

    When EV charging is scheduled for off-peak rate times, the cost is a lot less then fueling up.

    Reduced maintenance costs

    Since EVs don’t have engines to maintain, you can save thousands of dollars over an EV’s lifetime.

    Zero tailpipe emissions

    EVs produce no direct, harmful, greenhouse gas emissions like fuel-powered vehicles do.



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