Buy-Back Program



If you currently have vehicles owned in your fleet and you need to free up cash flow for your company, Zeeba can purchase your fleet and fund within 72 hours, providing a quick cash infusion through the sale. You can either rent or lease back the same vehicles or let us provide new vehicles to you with terms and conditions that make sense to your organization.

Zeeba has adapted to every need we have and provided a brand new fleet of vans!

Takashi Jiro DSP Business Owner

    Turn your aging fleet into cash

    The best way to increase your cash flow is to turn your owned fleet into a rental or leasing, so you can invest this money in other assets.

    Always maintain a new fleet

    We’ll take care of providing new commercial vehicles and managing them, while you can focus on growing your business.

    Receive within 72 hours

    Within 72 hours we’ll fund you through a process that is efficiently done without disrupting your daily operations.


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