Box Truck Rentals


Box Truck Rentals

Why is this the best option for my business?

Why is this the best option for my business?

If you work with deliveries or simply need a box truck for a one-off job, know that leasing may be the best option for you. This type of truck is ideal for companies that work with transport of medium loads, that is: that cannot be transported in a van;.

Most companies start expanding their business by leasing vans and, when their demands increase, they migrate to the box truck.This type of vehicle can be excellent for transporting furniture or appliances, in other words: anything larger than the capacity of a van.

Do I need a box truck?

If you’ve never had a box truck at your disposal, you may not be sure whether you need one or not. In some cases, the van may still handle your demand, but ends up getting you in trouble from time to time.

So, without a doubt, the best way to find out if this will work for your business or not is to test it. Know now the box truck models we have available here at Zeeba, surely one of these models will be what you need.

And, in case you realize that this didn’t work, just return the box truck, without major problems.

Why rent a box truck?

  1. More space to accommodate your load. You won’t have to worry about making everything fit inside it, you will have much more space available!
  2. You won’t need to make two trips. Everything will be much easier if you can take everything you need at once, that way you can optimize your time.
  3. Decreases the risk of damaging your load. When all objects are piled up, the risk of scratching or wearing out is very high. Avoid problems  by renting a box truck!




  • Model: Chevy LCF 4500 
  • Sizes: 20′, 16′, 14′
  • Engine: 6.6L V8
  • 25 mpg city and 30 mpg highway


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